roboto project

The Roboto Project is an art gallery and co-operatively show space that is located in Pittsburgh. The main objective of roboto project  is creating an open and comfortable space where the audience can experience a true do-it-yourself community. Its original space was opened in Wilkinsburg in1999. However, its doors were closed after forth months in February 2010 due to a decline in show attendance. Roboto is identified as a “safe space” meaning sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia or other types of inappropriate languages which are not tolerated. Otherwise, it is a welcoming, respectful, safe space for everyone.

A review of the Roboto Projectc

The roboto project has a fantastic idea. It has provided an opportunity for some outsiders and the local bands to play music. It is known for its exceptional and fun shows which attract many people.

Roboto’s Monthly Meetings

conference tables

This group has been holding its general meetings every month. These meetings are for both non-members and members; all are welcome, non-members and members. The main aim of the monthly meetings is to discuss its related events, policies, and other community-related discussions and information sharing. You can know more about the upcoming events by checking their calendar.

Roboto’s Management

Its day-to-day operations are handled by its directors who have been voted by the Roboto membership. Members who have been voted in are supposed to serve for one-year renewable terms. The following are the main positions of its Boards of Directors:

  • Booking coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Facilities Coordinator
  • Public relations
  • Social media coordinator
  • Social events coordinator

Building a Good Robot

There is a book that shares the vital information about the first years of this product. The Sprout Fund funded the publishing of this book. This book can be purchased from the local stores in Pittsburgh such as Sound Cat, Mind Cure Records, The Big Idea and Copacetic Comics among others. In addition to this, you can order this book online from the Roboto’s official website. This project has been under constant development over the past few years.

Their objective is coming up with something amazing. The continued thriving of this project is attributed to everyone’s dedication and hard work. Its malleability clearly demonstrates its importance for various activities. It is one of the amazing artworks and great shows. In fact, the existence of this group is in good hands. Ultimately it will become the best place for celebrating arts and music.